Client Testimonials


“I was a skeptic. (For those of you who are, this is for you.)”

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“I was a skeptic; for those of you who are, this is for you. Never would I have sought out intuitive healing/reiki on my own; after a trauma last year, my sister gifted me a session with Siobhan. I had sought out the help of a traditional talk therapist at the same time, but after the depth of care that Siobhan provided and empowered me to take on myself, I no longer found the traditional therapy of much use or value in comparison. My experience literally changed my entire view of what these types of healing practices can do in one’s life.

It was though Siobhan cleared everything out and paused so I could heal; this kept me from remaining overwhelmed and rerouted what was becoming a complete shut down. I have never been so thankful. The education she provided around how these modalities work helped me have a greater appreciation and understanding of energy work and the science behind it.

Siobhan became an integral part of my family through her support during the loss of a parent,  as well as the death of a beloved animal companion. Additionally, her presence before, during and after my sister’s wedding was the only thing that kept me from losing my mind as wedding coordinator, officiant and maid-of-honor. My sister had booked her to not only support the wedding party on-location, but also provide ongoing hospice care for her father in law during. When her father-in-law passed, she was at the hospital for several hours to help him transition, and she provided bereavement support for us for quite awhile following.

She has helped me expand my spiritual practices in my day to day life in a way I could never have imagined.  Genuinely I cannot recommend her enough. Siobhan’s incredible ability to help heal and teach tools that can be used on your own is indescribable, and is absolutely an experience you should gift to yourself.”

Kendall S. | Georgetown, WA


The energy work Siobhan offers is powerful, warm, and life changing; she brought light into my family's life when my father was passing. If you are interested in Reiki, this is for you! She offers these classes to help you find your own inner light, please check them out.

Ryan O. | Seattle, WA


Being pretty new to area of healing, Siobhan is very professional and has no problem walking you through any questions or concerns you may have regarding her practice. The way she is very soft spoken and related to a lot of my traumatic experiences I shared during the session made me feel less alone and she also provided a lot of uplifting advice which I'm so grateful for. I felt very comfortable the entire time, and the studio itself has a very soothing atmosphere with welcoming beautiful candles and the most delicious smelling essential oils in the air. It was very therapeutic. I walked away from this healing/balancing experience feeling light, rejuvenated, clear minded, and very connected to my spirit and the earth. I plan to go back for more sessions again and again!! Would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Anisa M. | Seattle, WA


Siobhan has a unique and beautiful gift for seeing and unraveling whatever the issue is on a deeper level. I have come to her so stressed out that I felt like I would come out of my skin and have been asleep on her table within 5 minutes. At the end of the session I feel so relaxed, as if I could float out of her studio. I wish I lived closer so I could come in for a tune up regularly! It's really powerful and really lovely at once. There may be tears, but you will be glad for them. Just go. You won't regret it."

Julie B. | Kennewick WA


"Siobhan's work goes beyond the surface of your issues; she is an absolutely wonderful healer who uses her extensive knowledge to help you in the best way after listening to your unique story. Her care and commitment to the whole person combined with Reiki and Intuitive Healing is what really makes the difference. Our work together helped me take my life back into my power, and the growth I'm experiencing is endless. In our sessions she gets to know me as a whole person, and we go from there.

I've really seen a difference in myself after working together for the past 8 months; my mindset went from depressed and limited to very hopeful, empowered and free. I have learned to tune in more with myself and ultimately heal in countless ways. She provides practical tools that I use in my daily life to further my growth spiritually, at work, and in my relationships. Her energy work is felt in every session, and I always leave feeling recharged and balanced. This is the healing people need. Her work is spiritual, personal and life changing!"

Bridget S. | Seattle, WA


"I have been struggling for... well, weeks now, wanting to leave a review that could do Siobhan's work justice, that was poignant and relateable... Seeing the way you receive energy and respond to its obviously palpable sensation was crazy. I'd never met someone who FELT so much. You immediately picked up on things in me that needed your attention and healing, but in this very laid back, warm way... you picked up on parts of my life journey that, not only could NO ONE in the world know of, but parts of myself that even I didn't know needed love.

You spoke to, and liberated, energies that were no longer serving my highest good....You listened to the Source within me, heard its need for validation, permission, and empathy, and translated to me (kind of like Source Talk for Dummies lol) what I needed to know to move forward and heal.

I'm so proud of my Source for seeking you out, in spite of my fear of letting go. And forever grateful to YOU; for listening to the things I could not say, and for giving me eyes to see... literally... the Light. The path to self transformation can be quite painful, and though I've tried to walk it alone many times before, with little success, I truly believe that your guidance has empowered me and lit a fire in my soul, too.

I absolutely recommend that anyone on a path to accepting and coming into alignment with their highest good spend some time with you. I had no idea what I was missing.

With all the gratitude in my heart, thank you."
Erin W. | Parker, AZ


"A genuinely caring, gifted healer; her own experiences have given her significant insight and wisdom. I have worked with her on multiple occasions, over several years, and have found great relief through her practices. She is both personable and professional, and was even able to make my teenage daughter feel immediately comfortable upon first meeting her!"

Tami M. | Albuquerque, NM


What if sometimes people are supposed to stare at you in wonder? What if the various moments when people did so add up to the beautiful blooming of all that is you? Remember the magic sparkle you create in someone else's eye. And remember all the times you did so... That is who you are.

Siobhan helped me realize this...

Kjersti S. | Burien, WA


"She pours her heart and soul into her business; her gentle confidence, raw talent and passion to help people is appreciated by many. Thank you for taking the leap, sharing your gift and bringing more love and light into the world!"

Adele C. | Seattle, WA