Personalized Reiki Classes at Ipseity


intentional support and empowerment for your daily life



Often Reiki students come to Ipseity with a sense of either underwhelm or overwhelm surrounding Reiki training previously received; many times they feel inadequately supported in their continued practice, or recall very little from the class as a result of content and attunement over-saturation. Each Master Teacher offers their own, unique training and everyone learns differently, especially in groups.

Ipseity’s Reiki Program was created for the individual, to both ensure a thorough, paced Mastery support overall and provide context and practical application for your everyday life. If this speaks to you, continue reading to learn about our program!

I strongly believe we should empower each other to interweave our healing experiences and practices into every aspect of our daily lives. If we only feel balanced, grounded and peaceful during our meditations and treatments…did it actually “work”?


As with any session, workshop or program at Ipseity, your individual Classes* and following support are catered to your learning style, personality, knowledge and experience, as well as what is unfolding in your daily life to ensure genuine integration and mastery. Workshopping themes such as Boundaries and Power Reclamation or Releasing Trauma are often interwoven to provide context and real-life application of this powerful healing modality.

*Ipseity’s Reiki Classes are typically offered one-on-one, although small group classes occur on occasion and can be requested.


As Ipseity’s students move from Reiki Second Degree to Reiki Third Degree (Reiki Master), they are required to fulfill a certain amount of hours (both moderated and individual) to receive their Practitioner certifications. Therefore, within the Second and Third Degrees exist two levels of Mastery: Apprentice and Practitioner.

Students leave their class with an Apprentice Certificate and are provided their Practitioner certificate upon requirement completion and successful assessment.


As previously mentioned, a certain amount of hours are required to receive certification within each Degree. This has been established within Ipseity to ensure students both 1) receive a continuous and committed level of support from the Reiki Teacher; and 2) become fully confident practitioners in not only offering Reiki treatments but also demonstrating great care within the ethics and responsibility inherent in working with the holistic energy of another being in this supportive manner.

Individual hours and sessions are carefully tracked by the student and shared with Ipseity’s staff, and moderated hours are completed via donation-based Reiki Shares*.

Reiki II: 30 hours / 10 moderated, 20 individual

Reiki III: 45 hours / 15 moderated, 30 individual

*All donations to Ipseity go towards the Community Healing Program, which ensures those in need are able to receive care despite financial limitations. (Read more here.)


The cost of certification is included in the price list below; Ipseity’s Mentorees receive discounts on all classes and should inquire for pricing within.

Reiki First Degree: $275

Reiki Second Degree: $375

Reiki Third Degree / Master: $475

Reiki Master Teacher: Considered on a case-by-case basis

I was recently able to experience 1-on-1 reiki training with Siobhan, and it was truly a transcendent experience. The 1-on-1 concept allows for a level of personalization not typically found in reiki classes, and Siobhan expertly weaves traditional curriculum with deeply personalized learning, healing, and hands on training.

Siobhan, herself, is a gifted reiki practitioner and healer. She has created a welcoming and comfortable space that is free of judgment and criticism, a space where you are seen and heard. What she offers is worth far more than what she charges, and the experience is much more immersive and personal than traditional group classes.

~ Sarah G., Seattle

If this type of focused training and support speaks to you, contact me to set up your free 30 minute Consultation! I look forward to working with you…