Ipseity Incandescent’s Vision

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio Reiki Session; Photo by Kendall Lauren www.kendalllauren.com

Many individuals ask me about my business name, “Ipseity Incandescent”; this has been my personal phrase for the past several years. On the homepage, you might have noticed “Absolute Truth of Being, Illuminated from Within”; this is the short explanation of the phrase.

Some time ago, I blogged in greater detail about what this meant to me:

A quick search for Incandescent brings up terms such as “glowing”, “luminous” and “brilliance”. A.H. Almaas describes Ipseity in a way which truly resonates with me:

“In the experience of ipseity, the absolute truth of Being, duality ends as we perceive that the identity and nature of everything, including ourselves, is inseparable from everything. Everything is the radiance of absolute ipseity, just as light is the radiance of the sun.”

“When the soul arrives at her absolute home, recognizes her true beloved, and realizes it as her ipseity, many insights, realizations, and feelings spontaneously arise. One’s life begins to show its overall pattern, seen from the perspective of the inner journey home. This culminates in the personalization of the absolute ipseity, where we learn to be a human being, a person, and to still abide in the absolute.”

Inner Journey Home, p. 24


My vision is to help others move into their own Ipseity Incandescent.

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio Reiki Session; Photo by Kendall Lauren www.kendalllauren.com

It is my greatest honor to hold safe, sacred space for those seeking balance and stillness in their lives.

To hold presence with loving kindness and without judgment.

To offer healing energies in the highest good, will and wisdom of each seeker.

To facilitate clarity, presence and relaxation.

To guide one’s remembrance of their natural state of ease and flow.

To educate and empower others to better trust themselves and trust their intuition.



A Few Important Details Before You Book With Me

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio Reiki Session; Photo by Kendall Lauren www.kendalllauren.com

Who do I work with?

I have the privilege of working with a multitude of backgrounds; my primary clients are women, mothers and nurturers, the LGBTQIA and POC community, those in hospice and veterans with PTSD and service-related disabilities.

Often those within the Healing community, (chiropractors, therapists, nurses, energy workers, etc.) tend to burn themselves out by giving unsustainably, and I absolutely love offering special care and support to those in this field as well.

Community Healing Program

One of my goals within my practice and eventually the Wellness and Resource Center I am opening in 2023 is to offer continuous healing support and care in an accessible manner, to ensure all who seek are able to receive.

In 2019, Ipseity restructured the Community Healing Program it was founded upon; through this program, affordable options may be extended to those who provide care to others or who may be working through financial difficulty.

These options include:

  • A sliding scale with set discounted pricing structure for sessions

  • One of four one-hour donation-based appointments each month

  • A discount for those in the healing community

  • Discount or full scholarships for LGBTQ, POC, veterans and single parent clients and students to receive Reiki Certifications, workshop spots and Reiki Share “client” spots

Please contact me if you would like to explore the options above, or if you would like to donate to this program to help others.


Lastly, for every completed session that is booked as the result of your referral, you will receive a credit that can be used towards your future sessions at Ipseity Healing Studios! Ensure you have contacted me if someone you have referred has recently booked a session.

I look forward to working with you!

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Siobhan Barrett, RMT.
Executive Director


Any wellness recommendations I provide as a non-medical professional are encouraged to be reviewed by your primary care physician as these services are not a cure for disease.