Session Options and Pricing

Free 30 Minute phone / in person ConsultationS

The following sessions can be purchased individually or in a discounted set of 3, 5 or 10.
Prices listed are per session; please allot 1.5 hours for your appointment unless otherwise specified. 

Limited Community Healing Program sessions are available; inquire for flexible pricing options.


Personalized Support

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio, Seattle Reiki; Photo by ©KENDALL LAUREN PHOTOGRAPHY 2019


New Client Intakes

Collaborative Intake and Assessment: $150 for two hours

Required for all sessions with the exception of one-time only Reiki and/or Avesa balancing sessions. Click the link below for details about why these are required, what goes into the session, the process that follows and how they are utilized.

Stand Alone Usui Reiki Energy Balancing

$55 for 30 min | $95 for one hour | $140 for 90 minutes


Wellness / Spiritual Guidance | Clarity Readings: $150

Full Intuitive Healing Session (may include Limpia - Ecuadorian Shamanic Cleansing): $250

Distance | Skype Sessions: $100

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio Reiki Class; Photo by Kendall Lauren


Private classes for one-on-one support with continued support; group or open class dates offered per request. Learn more here Inquire for referral discounts!

Reiki Level I: $275

Reiki Level II: $375

Reiki Level III / Master: $475



Some who have received Reiki or Intuitive Healing Training feel a desire for more personalized, consistent mentorship to help fill in the gaps and support their practice; if this is something you feel called to seek, this program is designed for you!

Requests for one-on-one or joint mentorships are considered on a case-by-case basis; visit the Mentorship Page for details and contact me to discuss options and opportunities.



Specialized Support

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio; Photo by Kendall Lauren


Invest in building peace-filled communication, greater healing and stronger connectivity with your loved one; these sessions are not only for romantic partners, and offer warm support for family members and close friends. Book as a bundle to receive a discount.

Foundational Package

I. Joint Intake: $220
II. Individual Sessions: $150 each
III. Joint Sessions: $275

Deeper Nourishment

IV. Couple’s Reiki Level I / Joint Session: $600
V. Couple’s Reiki Level II / Joint Session: $800

Wedding Planning and Support

  • Inquire for details

Additional individuals can be included in sessions for an additional fee; inquire for detail

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio; Horse Photo by

Pet Support: Reiki

Many pets love (and dearly appreciate!) energetic balancing and support. This can be especially helpful for adopted or rescued animals who have experienced trauma or invasive medical procedures, suffer from anxiety and stress, or simply need an extra boost of loving care.

Usui Reiki for Animals

$40 for 30 min | $75 for 60 min | $115 for 90 minutes


Pet Support: preparation and healing from loss

For those of us who experience the loss of a pet, it can feel as though the rest of the world expects us to continue on without grieving; at Ipseity Healing, we consider your pet to be part of your family. It’s an honor to help you celebrate the gift of your lives together, and support you in preparing and healing when they are no longer in form. Contact me to discuss support options.

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio; Waterfall Photo by

End of Life Care | Bereavement Support

When a loved when is diagnosed with a terminal illness or passes, it can create an indescribable void, bring up deep fear and feelings of abandonment and uncertainty, and leave us uncertain of how to continue on in our own lives. Energetic support and end-of-life guidance not only for those who are preparing to transition, but also for their families and close friends, can make a tremendous difference in how we perceive and experience such loss.

Ipseity also offers energetic support and assistance to help one transition from their body, performs end-of-life ceremonies and offers continued bereavement care for those who are affected by their transition.

Packages are available for the adore-mentioned continued hospice care, transition support, Celebration of Life Healing Ceremonies and continued bereavement care. Please schedule a consultation to discuss your support options.


Additional Offerings

Medicine Painting, house clearings by Siobhan of Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio; Photo by Kendall Lauren


When the energy in our homes becomes stagnant, heavy or uninspiring, a deep cleansing or energetic clearing can provide a lovely boost. This can be especially helpful if you’ve recently moved into a new home, ended a relationship, or are shifting from one season to another.

Walkthrough Consultation: $25

Energetic Clearing, Sacred Space and Boundaries: $250

Deep Cleaning infused with Reiki: $45 / hr | 3 hr minimum

(Additional $25 fee outside of a 5 mile radius; $25 supply fee if cleaning items are required)

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio Reiki and Sound Healing; Photo by Kendall Lauren

Event booking

Offering relaxing balancing sessions, self-care training or Wellness and Spiritual Guidance Support to your employees, guests and attendees can be a lovely way to show your appreciation and care.

My books are now open for scheduling work retreats, workshops, wellness events and wedding support.
Please contact me for further details. Available for events outside of Washington State.

Consultation: $150

Services: Prices vary per event


Discounted Support


discounted pre-paid options

Purchase sessions ahead of time in bundles to receive a discounted rate; these apply to gift certificates as well.

  • Three at 5%

  • Five at 10% 

  • Ten at 15%

Community healing program

If you are experiencing financial hardship due to medical issues or extreme extenuating circumstances, Ipseity is committed to holding ensuring you receive support.

Additionally, those who provide professional support within the Healing Community (i.e. established healing practitioners, medical staff, chiropractors, etc.) receive discounted care in every offering available through Ipseity.

Please visit Ipseity’s Vision to learn more about this program and options available to you!


Please note: a non-discountable travel and set up fee of $25 is required for remote sessions at your studio, work space or home outside of a 5 mile radius from Ipseity’s West Seattle location; contact for additional details. Additionally, please review Ipseity’s Policies Page prior to booking.