About that New Client Intake…

Siobhan Barrett of Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio, Reiki Master, Seattle Reiki, Photo: ©KENDALL LAUREN PHOTOGRAPHY 2019


New Client Intakes are required for all future sessions with the exception of one-time only Reiki and/or Avesa balancing sessions; the exchange for intakes are $150; please allot two hours for this appointment.

What can you expect during this intake session, and why is it so expensive?

During our initial session, we go over intake and self assessment forms (sent in your confirmation email and completed in advance), identify goals and set intentions for working together, and move into an intuitive healing session as applicable. 

Providing detailed background information (current and historical) assists in creating a more complete picture for me to assess how to best support you as a “whole person”, and this session gives me the opportunity to assess patterns, blocks and shifts in your energy as we discuss experiences, issues and situations that are important to you.

Once this session is complete, I distill the information from the forms, my notes from this session and our initial consultation, and from there create a Client Treatment Plan with options for moving forward if your needs and what I offer are a good fit.


After the client / practitioner relationship is established, the client receives a copy of their Client Treatment Plan and is encouraged to reference it as desired! If any needs are outside the scope of my practice but can be addressed through resource acquisition and additional training, that is incorporated as well.

This is a living document, and adjusts as we work together; at certain times, clients are provided with duplicate Self Assessment forms and we dedicate sessions to compare them to see what has shifted, improved and needs further adjustment.

Book your intake using the link below, and don’t forget to schedule your free 30 minute consultation in advance!