Ipseity Incandescent’s 2019 Mentorship Program



Mentorship In Focus at Ipseity

Ipseity's Mentorship Program is coming into greater focus within the Studio after a year and a half of active flow. This program has been completely upgraded and restructured to incorporate what was cultivated in Ecuador both this summer and last into the foundational knowledge and experiences already present within. Continue reading to learn about the changes and new offerings!

Co-Create Your Learning Experience

My commitment to you is always to hold sacred space for your empowerment and support your ability to evolve in any way possible. After nearly 20 years of teaching and mentoring, I have come to realize that nurturing a professional and genuinely caring connection to the Whole Person to support their illuminated growth is a foundational aspect of educating that I value more than most any other. With that in mind, what I facilitate in our time together is a multi-dimensional dialogue between us in intentional, warm mentorship space; my desire is to cater the flow to you and your healing process, needs, abilities and goals.

The responsibility of passing sacred knowledge and teachings is deeply important to me, a gift I am beyond honored to offer. And with this, know I will always intentionally encourage your energetic memory and assist you to build trust in the powerful healing ability inherent within you. Trust that you already know how to do this; I'm simply holding up a light and reminding you of the process.



Program Summary

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio’s Mentorship Program is designed to offer focused and personalized empowerment and continuous holistic support for new and intermediate Reiki, Shamanic and Intuitive Healing students and practitioners beyond the scope of a large class or brief healing session. This program offers unique insight, perspective and a palatable blend of offerings within an esoteric, scientific and psychological intersection, grounded in the experience and expertise of Siobhan Barrett, RMT., Medicine Woman, and former USAF Intelligence Analyst.

This Mentorship program consists 3, 6 and 9 month contracts with two tiers and three session flow options within; each tier has sliding scale price points and applicable discounts for IIHAS classes and services to ensure accessibility. Within each personalized session, Mentorees are offered an opportunity to cultivate a deeper level of Mastery in a variety of Healing Art focuses and interests, all while receiving sustained and transparent balancing and grounding.

This expanded program offers additional timeframes, consistent in person or distance mentorship, specialized training and thoroughly supported Reiki certification. Mentorees receive discounts on Ipseity's Classes and Workshops not available to general students and clients, may be offered the opportunity to assist Ipseity in future wellness events, and are connected to a community of like-minded healing facilitators in the Greater Seattle area. If you are interested in receiving individual and personalized mentorship in your existing or growing practices, it would be an honor to connect with you and explore your needs to see if this program may be a good fit!

Please review Topics of Exploration on page 2 of the PDF on the right (or via Learn More below) for a glimpse into what may be integrated into your thoughtfully tailored Mentorship Program if selected for future work together.

I want to offer my sincere appreciation for applying to this program! I look forward to meeting with you and supporting your vision, growth and expansion into your Ipseity ~ your Absolute Truth of Being, Illuminated From Within!

With Warmth and Gratitude, in All-Ways

Siobhan E. Barrett, RMT
Executive Director


Application Details

Applications for the fall program currently accepted

What is Needed

All interested applicants to include current Mentorees are invited to apply during this time-frame! Please submit your inquiries through the Contact Form linked below and include your name, pronoun, healing arts background / current level of experience, and your vision for working together. Applicants will be contacted to set up a 30 minute phone or in-person consultation based on availability, and New Mentoree Application Intakes and Assessments will be scheduled.

New Mentoree Intake and Assessment

This Assessment session is similar to Ipseity’s New Client Intakes; the exchange is $150 and the session is two (2) hours long.

During this session, you will receive supportive healing and balancing energy while we explore your goals; options for Topics of Exploration; Tiers; Session Flows; and desired frequency of meetings for integration into potential personalized Mentorship Programs. Post-session, I will carefully review all data gathered (i.e. notes prior to and during, your written application and my holistic assessment during our session) and determine if Mentorship, Classes, Individual Support through Sessions or External Referencing would be most aligned. From there I will create the foundation for the recommended course of action (i.e. begin creating your personalized Mentorship Plan, Treatment Plan, specialized class, etc.)

Mentoree Selection

Applicants selected for the program will be notified within two weeks of their intake session, and Initial Mentorship sessions will be scheduled during the month of September. During this first official mentorship session, Mentorees will review and sign their 3 month, 6 month or 9 month contracts and we will be off and running!

Community Healing Program Applicants (financial support)

Those with medical or financial hardship considerations are welcome to apply for one of 5 Sliding Scale spots as indicated on Page 5 of the program PDF linked above. Further, there is one full scholarship program available for one 3 month contract (1 meeting each month for 1 hour each). If this mentorship program is something you feel called to apply for but feel it is financially inaccessible, please include an essay explaining your situation and vision for our future work together.

If you would like to donate to this program or purchase a gift certificate for a loved one, please don’t hesitate to reach out and inquire within.

The summer / fall 2019 program is limited to 20 Mentorees, and spots are already being requested. Please send in your applications as soon as possible!