Inclusive, Safe Space

Photo by Kendall Lauren

Visibility matters. You matter.

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio is proud to offer inclusive, focused and specialized support to include safe space, education, advocacy and resource acquisition for LGBTQIA+, POC and QPOC and others in marginalized communities.

If you are seeking to co-create your wellness with someone who genuinely understands and deeply cares about who you are, if you are searching for inclusive space to process, heal, grieve or transition, grow and unfold, embrace your Authentic Being in a space that feels like home…

You’ve found the right place.

Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio Reiki Session; Photo by Kendall Lauren

Recently I wrote about Representation and Visibility on my social media outlets:

When people ask why "labels matter", I often ask if they've ever been genuinely forced to hide who they are. [I served in the military as a queer person of color during the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell era, and lived in places where keeping this deeply hidden was literally a matter of life or death.]

When someone we know or love trusts us enough to tell us they identify as Queer or POC, let's ensure we don't erase their identity. I don't "accept" these pieces of you. I embrace them with recognition and gratitude. I support you in any way I'm able. I see you. I witness you. I hear you. I am here for you.

Representation matters. Visibility Matters. You matter.

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Allyship support

If you are not part of the afore-mentioned communities but desire to better understand and care for those in your life who are, Guidance Sessions are the perfect space for you to grow. Here you are welcome to open your heart and mind, respectfully ask difficult (and often uncomfortable) questions and in return receive loving, non-judgemental education as a means to better equip you to become a stronger ally.