Ipseity’s Studio Policies

2019 Policies.png

Deposit Policy:

A percentage or monetary amount of all session or class (referred to hereon as “appointment”) fees (indicated in invoice and/or via direct communication with Siobhan E. Barrett of Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio) are required at the time of scheduling to secure the appointment date, time and location for this specific date; this fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable after 24 hours of scheduling confirmation and invoicing. This deposit will be applied to the remaining fee for the specific appointment set at the time of purchase and may not be applied to future appointments if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled at any time.

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy:

If the client reschedules, no shows or cancels for any reason, the client will be billed immediately for the remainder of the booked appointment fee. Appointment payments are due in full no later than 11:59 PM PST on the date of the original appointment.

~ 48 hour reschedule notice is required for 50% credit of applied payments (excluding the deposit fee) to be transferred to a future appointments. If the client reschedules within 48 hours of the appointment date, 25% credit of applied payments (excluding the deposit fee) will be transferred to a future session or class, and an additional and identical deposit fee (i.e. 25% of the session amount, or $75 to hold a class spot, etc.) will be required to hold the new appointment date. These credits may be transferred to another client only if the practitioner offers expressed consent through direct correspondence.

~ If the client cancels prior to 48 hours of the originally scheduled appointment date, a 100% loss of applied payments will occur, and an additional $50 cancellation fee will be due immediately at the time of cancellation. If the client cancels within 48 hours of the originally scheduled appointment date or no shows, a 100% loss of payment credit will occur, and the client will be billed in full for any remaining payments due.

Additional Fees / Refunds

~ A $25 fee will be applied for any returned payments.

~ 15% late fees will be applied to any missed payments

~ Refunds are unavailable at this time; inquire for session credit and transfers.

Conduct Requirement

Siobhan Barrett of Ipseity Healing Healing Studio (IIHAS) commits to treating all IIHAS clients with the utmost respect and consideration and reserves the right to 1) reschedule any sessions or classes as needed without presenting refunds or special treatment of any kind, 2) refuse service for any reason without presenting refunds of any kind, and 3) dismiss IIHAS clients from their ongoing classes or sessions without presenting refunds of any kind if the client exhibits disrespectful or abusive communication or behavior of any kind at any time. All parties are expected to agree to cheerful cooperation and respectful communication for the best result within all appointments and surrounding interactions. Siobhan Barrett of IIHAS is not responsible for key individual's failure to be present or cooperate during the sessions or classes. Further Conduct Requirements may be presented and agreed upon within Mentoree Contracts at the time of co-creation and/or signing; please inquire with questions or for further details.


By submitting payment for the appointment as indicated in any invoice received from Ipseity Incandescent Healing Arts and/or signing contracts or agreements of any sort with Ipseity Incandescent Healing Studio, the client acknowledges, understands and agrees in full to these terms and conditions.